Public annual report 2010
Annual report Appendices Appendix 7 List of key organizations of ROSATOM

Appendix 7 List of key organizations of ROSATOM


Organizations whose data are included by purchase method in the main financial indicators of ROSATOM as per Appendix 3;    
Organizations on the list of environmentally significant organizations.  
Nuclear Weapons Complex
1. A.P. Aleksandrov Research and Technology Institute, FSUE
2. All-Russian Research Institute for Experimental Physics, Russian Federal Nuclear Center, FSUE (RFNC VNIIEF)
3. Atombezopasnost, Coordinating Center for Design of Safety and Control Systems, FSUE  
4. Bazalt FSUE  
5. Central Research Laboratory for Innovative Technologies in the Nuclear Sector, FSUE  
6. Departmental Security Agency of ROSATOM, FSUE  
7. Design Bureau of Automotive Transport Equipment, FSUE
8. Elektrokhimpribor Combine, FSUE  
9. Eleron, Specialized Research and Production Complex, FSUE  
10. EnergoAvtotrans LLC    
11. Engineering Center for Diagnostics of NPP Components at NIKIET, LLC    
12. Engineering Center of Nuclear Equipment Strength and Research in Material Behavior, LLC    
13. Expedition No 2, FSUE  
14. Housing Management Company, LLC    
15. I&C Subsidiary OKSAT NIKIET, LLC    
16. Institute of Strategic Stability, FSUE  
17. Instrumentation Factory, FSUE  
18. Krasnaya Zvezda, FSUE  
19. Mayak Production Association, FSUE
20. N.A. Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering, JSC  
21. N.L. Dukhov All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics, FSUE
22. Obespecheniye RFNC-VNIIEF, JSC  
23. Research Institute of Instruments, FSUE
24. Sarov Electric Grid Company, JSC    
25. Sarov Gas Supply Company, JSC    
26. Sarov Generating Company, CJSC  
27. Sarov Heating Grid Company, JSC    
28. Scientific, Technical and Certification Center for Comprehensive Information Security, FSUE  
29. Sever Production Complex, FSUE  
30. Start Production Complex (PC Start named after M.V. Protsenko), FSUE  
31. Urals Electromechanical Plant, FSUE
32. Ye.I. Zababakhin All-Russian Research Institute of Industrial Physics, Russian Federal Nuclear Center, FSUE  
33. Yu.Ye. Sedakov Research Institute of Measuring Systems, Federal Research and Production Center, FSUE
Nuclear Power Complex
34. “Liges s.r.o.”    
35. A.A. Bochvar High Technology Research Institute of Inorganic Materials, JSC  
36. AC Terminal-Sofia, CJSC    
37. AEM-Invest, CJSC    
38. AEM-Leasing, CJSC    
39. AEM-Technology, CJSC  
41. Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering, JSC (OKBM Afrikantov)  
42. All-Russia Research and Design Institute of Nuclear Machine Engineering, JSC (VNIIAM)  
43. All-Russian Production Association Zarubezhatomenergostroy, JSC (VPA ZAES)    
44. Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex, CJSC
45. Argon LLC  
46. ASE-Engineering, LLC    
47. Atomenergomash Cyprus Limited    
48. Atomenergomash, JSC  
49. Atomenergoremont, JSC  
50. AtomEnergoSbyt North-West, JSC    
51. Atomenergosbyt, JSC    
52. Atomredmetzoloto, JSC (Uranium Holding ARMZ)  
53. Atomspetstrans, JSC  
54. Atomstroyexport, JSC  
55. Atomstroyexport-Finance, LLC    
56. Atomstroyfinance, LLC    
57. Atomstroyinvest, LLC    
58. Atomtechenergo nuclear power plants commissioning, operation improvement and management, JSC  
59. Atomtechexport, JSC    
60. AtomTeploSbyt, LLC    
61. Atomtrubpromvodomontazh, CJSC  
62. Balakovo NPP-Auto, LLC    
63. Beloyarsk NPP II, JSC    
64. Beloyarsk NPP-Auto, LCC    
65. Bilibino NPP-Auto, LLC    
66. Capital Projects Directorate, JSC    
67. Capital projects Directorate, LLC    
68. Carbon and Composite Material Plant, LLC  
69. Center Atom-Innovations, LLC    
70. Central Design Bureau of Machine Building, JSC  
71. Centrotex-SPb, CJSC    
72. Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, JSC
73. Commercial Center 100, JSC    
74. Compan, LLC    
75. Construction and Installation Company Yug, CJSC    
76. Construction and Installation Directorate No 7, CJSC    
77. Construction and Installation Directorate No 9, CJSC    
78. Construction and Installation Directorate No. 1, CJSC    
79. Construction and Installation Directorate No. 1, LLC    
80. Construction and Installation Directorate No. 2, LLC    
81. Construction and Installation Directorate No. 4, CJSC    
82. Construction Economics Directorate, JSC    
83. Consyst-OS, CJSC    
84. Crown, LLC  
85. Dalur, CJSC
86. Dalur-Finance, LLC    
87. Design and Engineering Service, CJSC    
88. Design-Prospecting and Scientific-Research Institute of Industrial Technology, JSC  
89. Direct Investment Company RusAtomStroy-Invest, CJSC    
90. East European Leading Research and Design Institute of Energy Technologies, JSC (Leading Institute VNIPIET)  
91. Effective Energy N.V.  
92. EGMK-Proekt, JSC  
93. Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center on Nuclear Power Plant Safety, JSC  
94. Elektrostal Water Treatment Facilities, LLC    
99. Elkonsky Mining and Metallurgical Combine, CJSC  
100. Energoatominvest, LLC    
101. Energomashinostroyeniye, CJSC    
102. Energomaskompleks, LLC  
103. Energoremont, LLC    
104. Energospetsmontazh, JSC  
105. Engineering Center Russian Gas Centrifuge, JSC  
106. Engineering Company ZIOMAR, JSC  
107. Experimental & Design Organization OKB Gidropress, JSC (GIDROPRESS)  
108. Experimental Bureau for Process Design and Production of Glass Articles, FSUE  
109. Experimental Refractory Metals and Hard Alloys Plant, JSC (OZTMiTS JSC)  
110. Finishing Works Directorate, CJSC    
111. Firm Geostar, LLC    
112. Gornoye Uranium Mining Company, CJSC  
113. Health Resort and Rehabilitation Center Cheptsa, LLC    
114. Hotel Complex Glazov, LLC    
115. Housing Utility DOM, LLC    
116. Information Technology Specialized Company, LLC    
117. Institute for Physical and Technical Problems, JSC    
118. Intellectual Energy Engineering, JSC    
119. Interdepartmental Coordinating Scientific and Technical Center of Nuclide Technology, FSUE  
120. International Uranium Enrichment Center, JSC    
122. Invest-Service, LLC    
123. Iskra, LLC    
124. Itmanovo Agriculture Firm, LLC    
125. Ivatomenergosbyt, JSC    
127. Karkhy Geologiya, LLC    
128. Kazakhstan-Russian Nuclear Stations, JSC    
129. Khiagda, JSC
130. Kola NPP-Auto, LLC    
131. Kola NPP-Service, LLC    
132. Kovrov Mechanical Plant, JSC  
133. Leningrad NPP-Auto, LLC    
134. Lunnoye, CJSC    
135. Machine Engineering Facility CMP, LLC    
136. Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk, JSC  
137. Machinery Directorate, CJSC    
138. Mashinostroitelny Zavod, JSC (MSZ)
139. Mechanization Directorate, LLC    
140. Molniya Machine-Building Plant Production Association, FSUE  
141. Moscow Polymetal Plant, JSC  
142. MosOblAtomEnergoSbyt, JSC    
143. Mospromtekhmontazh, JSC    
144. Motor Transport Directorate, LLC    
145. National Technical Physics and Automation Research Institute, JSC (NIITFA)  
146. NCCP Motor Transport Directorate, CJSC    
147. NCCP-Instrument, LLC    
148. Nizhniy Novgorod Engineering Company Atomenergoproekt, JSC    
149. Nizhniy Novgorod Engineering Company Atomenergoproekt, JSC (JSC NIAEP)  
150. Nizhnyaya Tura Machine Engineering Plant Venta, JSC  
151. Northern Construction Directorate, JSC    
152. Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant, JSC (NCCP)
153. Novouralsk Instrumentation Plant, LLC    
154. Novouralsk Research and Design Center, LLC    
155. Novovoronezh NPP-Auto, LLC    
156. Nuclear Power Financial and Production Company, CJSC    
157. NUKEM Technologies GmbH    
158. OKB Nizhniy Novgorod, CJSC    
159. Olovskaya Mining and Chemical Company, CJSC  
160. Package Production Supplies Directorate, JSC    
161. PetrozavodskMash Holding Company, CJSC    
162. Power Engineering Technologies, LLC    
163. Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union, JSC (PIMCU)
164. Pribor-Service, LLC    
165. Production Association Electrochemical Plant, JSC (PA ECP)
166. Public Catering and Retail Directorate, LLC    
167. Public Catering Organization, LLC    
168. Real Estate Directorate Estate, LLC    
169. Recreation Facility Bylina, CJSC    
170. Recreation Facility Siniy Utes    
171. Research and Design Institute of Installation Technology — NIKIMT Atomstroy, JSC  
172. Research, Design, Engineering and Survey Institute Atomenergoproekt, JSC (JSC AEP)  
173. RusAtomStroy-Management, CJSC    
175. Rusburmash-Kazakhstan Joint Venture, LLP    
176. Ruskorp Sung Won UEIP Co. Ltd.    
177. Russian Concern for Production of Electrical and Thermal Energy at Nuclear Power Plants, JSC (Rosenergoatom)
178. Russian EnergyMachineBuildingCompany, CJSC  
179. Saint Petersburg ISOTOPE, JSC  
180. Saint Petersburg Research, Design and Engineering Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT, JSC (SPb AEP)  
181. Scientific and Production Association — Central Research Institute of Engineering Technology, JSC  
182. Shchekotovo, LLC    
183. Siberian Chemical Combine, JSC
184. Sibirian Design and Survey Institute Orgstroyproekt, JSC    
185. SNV, LLC  
186. Sole Customer Directorate, JSC  
187. Sovlax-Batareya, CJSC    
188. SPC Khimpromengineering, JSC  
189. Specialized Construction and Installation Directorate Lenatomenergostroy, JSC    
190. Specialized Scientific Research Institute for Instrumentation Engineering, JSC (SNIIP)  
191. St. Petersburg Research and Survey Institute Energoizyskaniya, JSC    
192. Stalenergoproekt, LLC  
193. State Specialized Design Institute, JSC (GSPI)  
194. StavropolAtomEnergoSbyt, JSC    
195. Streltsovsky Construction and Repair Trust, LLC    
196. Sverdlovsk Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, JSC (SverdNIIkhimmash  
197. SverdNIIkhimmash-RAO, CJSC    
198. SverdNIIkhimmash-SPK, CJSC    
199. Technology Center TENEX, CJSC  
200. Techsnabexport, JSC  
201. Tekhatomservce, CJSC    
202. Television Center, CJSC    
203. TENAM Corporation    
204. TENEX-Complect, LLC    
205. TENEX-Korea Co., Ltd.    
206. TENEX-Logistics, CJSC    
207. Teplovodokanal, LLC    
208. Tochmash, LLC    
210. Transport and Handling Machine Engineering, CJSC    
211. Treatment and Recreation Complex — Resort Kolontayevo, JSC    
212. Trust SpetsAtomEnergoMontazh, LLC    
213. TsentrAtom-Komplekt, LLC    
214. Turbine Machine Building, LLC    
215. TVEL, JSC  
217. TVEL-INVEST-Technology, CJSC    
218. TVEL-Leasing, CJSC    
219. TVEL-Story, CJSC  
220. TverAtomElektroMontazh, JSC    
221. United Company Enrichment and Sublimation Complex, JSC  
222. United Service Company ARMZ, LLC (USC ARMZ LLC)
223. Urals Electrochemical Combine, JSC  
224. Urals Gas Centrifuge Plant, LLC  
225. Urandobycha Management Center, LLC    
226. Uranium Enrichemnt Center, CJSC    
227. Uranium Mining Company, JSC (UGRK)  
228. Ventilation Systems, CJSC    
229. Vladimir Production Association Tochmash, JSC  
231. VNIPIET, JSC    
232. Volgodonsk Installation Directorate, LLC    
Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet
233 Atomflot, FSUE
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Complex
234. Emergency Technical Center of Minatom of Russia, FSUE (St. Petersburg)  
235. Far East Federal Enterprise for Management of Radioactive Waste, FSUE (DalRAO)
236. Federal Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, FSUE  
237. Isotope, JSC  
238. Isotope, JSC (Yekaterinburg)    
239. Isotope-NIIAR, CJSC  
240. Mining and Chemical Combine, FSUE
241. Northern Federal Enterprise for Management of Radioactive Waste, FSUE (SevRAO)1 
242. RosRAO, Radioactive Waste Management Company, FSUE
243. Situation and Crisis Center of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency, FSUE  
244. V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, Research and Production Complex, FSUE  
Scientific and Technical Complex
245. A.I. Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE  
246. A.I. Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE  
247. AKME-Engineering, JSC    
248. All-Russia Research Institute of Chemical Technology, JSC (VNIIKhT)
249. Central Research Institute for Management, Economy and Information of ROSATOM, FSUE  
250. Chernobyl Archive, SUE    
251. D. Efremov Research Institute of Electrophysical Instrumentation, FSUE
252. Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare Metal Industry — Giredmet, JSC
253. Institute of High-Energy Physics, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE
254. Institute of Reactor Materials, JSC (IRM)
255. Joint Venture Beijing CAEI-RIAR Radioisotope Co. Ltd.    
256. L.Ya. Karpov Physical-Chemical Research Institute, FSUE (Karpov NIFKhI)
257. Luch, Research Institute — Research and Production Complex, FSUE
258. Russian-Belarus Joint Venture Isotope Technologies, CJSC    
259. State Research Center — Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, JSC (SRC NIIAR)
260. State Research Institute of Graphite-Based Structural Materials, FSUE (NIIgrafit)
261. Technopark-Technology, JSC  
262. Troitsk Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE
Administrative Economic Activity
263. Atomic Energy Power Corporation, JSC (Atomenergoprom)  
264. Atomkomplekt, JSC  
265. Greenatom, CJSC  
266. Non-public Educational Establishment — Central Advanced Training Institute    
267. Non-public Educational Establishment — Moscow Advanced Training Institute Atomenergo    
268. Non-Public Supplementary Professional Education Establishment Atomprof (NPE Atomprof)    
269. State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM  
270. TENEX-Service, CJSC  
Non-Related Assets
271. Alliancetransatom, JSC    
272. Atom-service, JSC    
273. Atomspetskonservice, JSC    
274. Atom-Trans Service, CJSC    
275. Atomtrans, JSC    
276. Baikal Hotel Complex, JSC    
277. CenterAtom, JSC  
278. Dedal Scientific and Production Complex, JSC  
279. EFCON, JSC    
280. Media Center of Nuclear Industry, JSC (Atom-Media)    
281. Nuclear Industry Information and Exhibition Center, JSC    
282. Recreation and Sports Center OLenKur, JSC    
283. Zhilkomservis, JSC    
Auxiliary Infrastructure
284. Administrative Building Management Company, FSUE  
285. Child Development Center — Kindergarten Doshkolenok, SUEE    
286. Federal Property Management Center, FSUE  
287. Interdepartmental Specialized Training Center, FSI    
288. Public Catering Combine, FSUE  

* DalRAO and SevRAO are parts of RosRAO since April 2010.

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