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This Report is the second public report voluntarily produced by the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM (hereinafter ROSATOM, Corporation). It is intended for a broad range of stakeholders.

This Annual Report has been produced in line with the Public Reporting Policy of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM and the Annual Public Reporting Standard of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM. These documents take account of Russian and international corporate reporting requirements, i.e., the G3 Guidelines of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework (Global Reporting Initiative), AA1000 standards of the Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability and RSPP Recommendations for the use in management and corporate nonfinancial reporting practices, including methodologies for calculation of performance indicators.

The corporate documents establish a yearly reporting cycle; the previous report was published in 2010.

The Annual Report is an integrated document that reflects the main financial, economic and production results of ROSATOM activities in 2010, as well as results of sustainable development activities. In addition, the Annual Report provides an outline of the managerial approaches that make it possible to achieve targets and higher effectiveness set in the strategic goals of the Corporation.

The Annual Report contains mid- and long-term plans and intentions. These are projections, i.e., their feasibility depends, among other things, on economic, political and legal factors beyond the control of the Corporation (global financial, economic and political situations, market trends, changes in taxation, customs and environmental legislation, etc.). Therefore, actual results may differ from announced projections.

The priority topics of the Annual Report are the ROSATOM action strategy and the activities of the Corporation in the area of sustainable development.

To improve transparency and accountability, the Annual Report generation process included four dialogues with the stakeholders regarding disclosure of information on a number of activities of public significance, as well as discussion of the report concept and draft report with stakeholder representatives (Section “Stakeholder Engagement in Drafting the Report”). The Annual Report takes account of the main interests stakeholder representatives expressed during those dialogues.

The scope of the Annual Report extends to activities of the Corporation and its organizations in the Russian Federation and other countries. Information on current activities of the nuclear weapons complex is not disclosed due to the type of activity of the Corporation and national security interests. The Annual Report employs two consolidation perimeters. Performance indicators are disclosed for all organizations of the Corporation. Key financial results and performance indicators are given for organizations within the perimeter of consolidated financial reporting of ROSATOM, except for organizations for which financial reports are not subject to disclosure (a list of organizations is given in Appendix 7). Some indicators of 2008- 2010 are not comparable due to changes in the consolidation perimeter that took place in 2010 (such cases are provided with specific comments in the Annual Report), and because of changes in the scope of this Report (as compared to the 2009 Annual Report).

While drafting the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” and “Environmental Safety” sections, consideration was given to the fact that the Corporation issues “The Safety Report” annually and its organizations and enterprises have published environmental reports on a large scale since 2009. These reports provide much specialized information and describe operations in the host regions (as regards nuclear and radiation safety and environmental impact). This Annual Report contains references to the said information.

The Table of GRI standard disclosures and performance indicators is given in Appendix 1.

The internationally adopted public reporting indicators do not allow features of ROSATOM operations to be reflected comprehensively. Therefore, the Corporation is faced with the task of developing a system of indicators for nuclear sector companies. A list of indicators used in this Annual Report is given in Appendix 2.

The Annual Report passed an external audit (as regards non-financial information) by ZAO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit as per AA1000AS (an auditors’ statement regarding the non-financial reporting of the Corporation for 2010 is in Appendix 6) and ISAE 3000 standards and passed the public assurance procedure as per AA1000SES standard.

The Corporation considers this Annual Report to be at the B+ level of the GRI Guidelines.

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